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[private convos for Ash!]
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[ oh, it's Milla. He doesn't look as annoyed as he usually does when someone decides to talk to him. Ash shakes his head just slightly as he turns towards her. ]

Opportunities. [ a beat. ] You killed that man today.
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Escape. I grow weary of this game. You might be content to participate and do as you're told, but not me. [ who knows what he's really thinking, though... ] Perhaps a little. You're not as soft as I thought.
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And I doubt it will be the last. If we're going to leave this place, there are people who will need to die.

[ he sounds decided about this, more than usual. ]

Surely you understand that, as well.
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That's correct. I've known about them for some time now. But their identities aren't clear to me yet.
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[ as long as he's not dead, he doesn't mind!! gosh.

she might be musing aloud, but they actually are questions he can answer. ]

I'm afraid not. They need to kill one another for the game to end. If I thought I could finish things myself, I would have already begun my attempts. [ how ominous. ] And no, there is no other way.This was a battle between two forces from the beginning - we just didn't know it. Either the Deputies win, or the Bounties. And, to be frank, it doesn't really matter to me who the victor is as long as this nonsense comes to an end.
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[ he passes a glance to the side and behind her to make sure they're alone, briefly, before nodding. ]

That's correct. I hacked into the Sheriff's computer. I know all of the roles and how they work. A pity that there was nothing else to find there.
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Not easy enough, considering it took this long to decide what to do about it.

[ he won't comment on her Questionable Life Decision of getting shot with a cannonball. for now. He does turn where he stands, however, to look at her more squarely, expression more serious than usual. ]

Do you understand why I'm telling you this, Milla?
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[ a dry laugh, somewhat condescending. ]

No. It's because I expect you to assist me. I'm of a mind to end this game as soon as possible, one way or another, and I've determined that you're slightly more reliable than the rest of these fools. [ he rests a hand on his hip. ] If you have any idea about who the Deputy or the head of the Bounties might be, you should tell me now.
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Before you get any strange ideas, I'm not. I'm sure Yuna told you as much.

[ he knows he was investigated by them already... not surprising. ]

There are other things that can be done with that information. Use your imagination a little.
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Not quite. I very much doubt that they would trust me. Instead, I would relay the information to someone else. A face that the humans are more willing to believe in.

[ at least he's savvy enough to know he's not well-liked in the town. ]

I don't care who wins. In fact, I only really need one of their names. That would be enough to finish it all.
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Everyone? You haven't done a very good job, then, have you? Less than half of us remain.

[ he can't stop being rude?! ]

In any case, what makes you believe that either would use their reward for something like that?
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Hmph. A fair point.

[ fair, but not one he agrees with. The deaths of the people here haven't affected him terribly, and he's not interested in turning back the clock and bringing them to life again. Maybe Nui. ]

It's my belief that the Deputy is the one putting people in the stocks. They're likely an assistant to the Sheriff. We can narrow our selection of potentials from there.
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Someone that could be manipulated into believing it was the right thing to do, or someone that could be persuaded into it with rewards. Unfortunately, that describes the vast majority of humanity. They're fickle creatures.

[ it sounds like he's about to throw barnham under the bus again, but, miraculously, he resists the temptation. ]

It isn't me. I can reasonably assume that it's not you or Noctis, either, nor Shinnosuke or Damian, and it's very unlikely to be Percy, considering his... reaction. That leaves Barnham, Jason, Rin, Papika, Lecter, Will, Xion, Natalie, and Okabe as our suspects.
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[ shockingly, barnham once again avoids getting implicated by ash... how long will it last. ]

My thoughts? Xion, Will and Lecter are the most suspicious. Those are my thoughts.
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She has connections. A lot of them. And she knows more than she's letting on.

[ that's all he says, though, before turning a skeptical eye on her. ]

And what about your thoughts? I think I've said quite enough.
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[ a nod. ]

Will claims he knows everyone that's murdered someone. But he doesn't care about this game. On the other hand, Lecter does... and Will probably tells him most everything. So why doesn't he use that information? Because he has his own agenda.

[ he doesn't respond to the bit about Xion - he simply disagrees. Xion has some backbone in her; she could kill and hurt if she had to, he thinks. ]
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Assisting the Sheriff. Guiding the game so that it's sufficiently "entertaining," or whatever inane criteria he has for you all.

[ he exhales through his nose, closing his eyes for a moment. ]

It's only speculation. But I'd rather act on speculation than wait for some fool to kill me for a pitiful reward.